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HL could supply air louvers and ventilation louver with excellent quality and low cost. HL is a professional ventilation louver manufacturer.

Ventilation Louver

Ventilation Louver - beautiful outlook and energy conservation

Ventilation louver is so concise and could be fully packed up. When opening it, people could take in everything out of window in a glance. One foible is the influence on the width of vision, giving the people a feeling of complication. But, users could choose to install it.

Ventilation Louver - warm in winter and cool in summer

Ventilation Louver partly adopts materials with good heat insulation property, effectively keeping the indoor temperature and saving the energy consumption. Users could make simple adjustment in any angle until the vanes reach the most suitable location.

Ventilation Louver - privacy protection

The concave-convex vanes of ventilation louver could block outside light at the same time of receiving the lighting. At night, the shadow will not reflect to the outdoor if the convex side of vanes faces towards the indoor.

Ventilation Louver – easy cleaning

The maintenance and cleaning of ventilation louver is easy. Users could use the towel to clean the dust on it. The neutral detergent is advised to clean the ventilation louver without the worry about fading. And the waterproof type ventilation louver could be fully cleaned in the water.

Ventilation Louver - UV(ultraviolet) protection

Ventilation Louver could effectively prevent the ultraviolet from entering into the indoor, protecting the furniture from fading as a result of ultraviolet. Compared with cloth curtain, ventilation louver has a convenient storage and could avoid the radiation from ultraviolet. In the aspect of ventilating, the method of installation and the texture could let you enjoy the cool breeze. Besides, when ventilation louver is closed fully, it means there is another window, playing roles of sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Ventilation Louver - ventilating function

Ventilation louver has many functions. The functions are as follows:
It could prevent the outside dust or rain from entering into the indoor or ventilating duct.
It could prevent the outside foreign matter or birds from entering into the indoor or ventilating duct.
When draught fan stops to operate or starts, the ventilation louver could open and close freely, achieving the effect of the normal ventilation and the preventing ventilation. If the ventilation louver is installed in the opposite direction, the above functions could not be realized.

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