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Shape Steel-Box Column

Item No.: P0010
Box column is mainly applied in the steel structure construction. It is the main component of the steel buildings.
Box Column

Features of Box Column
1. Box column consists of four plates(two cover plates and two web plates). And the four fillet welds have been designed as fully welded grooves(CP) and partial welded grooves(PP) according to the strength.
2. Diaphragms are set within the box column. The main diaphragm shall be welded with web plate through electro slag welding with consumable nozzle, and ordinary diaphragm shall be welded with cover plate and web plate to form a trihedron. Each height mark outside of the box column is installed with main beam, secondary beam, corbel and eye bracket connected with vertical bracing. Columns connected to each other by welding and tight force. All the parts are made of Q345B steels.

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