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Item No.: P0001
The container house is a kind of movable house. However, it is not transformed from the real containers. It is produced according to the specifications of containers. As one of the famous mobile home manufacturers, HL is a professional manufacturer.

►Brief introduction

The container house is a kind of movable house. However, it is not transformed from the real containers. It is produced according to the specification and dimension of containers. The container house has features of firm structure and convenient transportation. As one of the famous mobile home manufacturers, HL is a professional manufacturer in China.

The container house integrates functions of traditional houses. The steel structure is adopted as house framework. The sound insulating materials are adopted in the wall. The other parts(such as floor, door and window) are set according to the preferences of users under this premise of feasibility. There are no fixed water or electrical input. The users could install solar photovoltaic panels or power generator to supply the indoor electricity. And the solar water heater could supply heating and water. Wastewater treatment systems could purify the domestic water to be used again.

The features of container house include professional design, standardization, modularization, easy removal, convenient and fast installation, easy transportation. It could be used as the permanent house or temporary house.

If the clients choose the products of our company, some parameters including house application, site area, terrain, local natural conditions, the supply conditions of water and electricity should be offered to us. Then our company will provide the professional design schemes for users' choice. If necessary, our company will provide the effect picture of the indoor and the outdoor. Besides, our company could supply all the decorative materials, furniture, electric appliances if the users need related service. HL is one of the professional mobile home manufacturers in China with unique design and known reputation.

Modular building

The free combination of container house's modular units forms the basic structure of modular and box-type housing constructions.
It could meet the different demands of clients on high or low end buildings.
The inside decoration is totally finished in the factory, confirming to all the requirements of water, power, fireproofing, sound insulation, thermal insulation and environmental protection.
Modular houses' main unit module is the container. If fully considering the feasibility of transporting, the traditional transportation modes could be adopted to complete sea transportation and land transportation.

·simple structure


Scope of application
Container house has been widly applied in many fields. Some appliactions are listed below.
Recreation and Entertainment: sea-view house, country villa, manor, vocational village, viewing platform, house in the forest, coffee house and etc.

Urban Beautification: bus station, rest room for sanitation worker, public toilet, news stall, student apartment and etc.

Rescue and Disaster Relief: temporary command center, temporary rescue center, temporary refuge settlements, temporary goods and materials distributing center and etc.

Field Construction: office, rest room, recreational centre, dining room and etc.

Commercial Usage: monopoly store, hotel, building-selling center, convenience store, studio and etc.


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