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Three Factors Influencing The Cost Of Steel Structure Workshop

The steel structure workshop has large market share because of many advantages such as beautiful appearance, short construction period, high industrialization, recycling resources. The cost of steel structure workshop has become a hot issue for many people. The control of cost and the presentation of technology on steel structure workshop have become the focused research. There are three factors influencing the cost of steel structure workshop. 
1. the materials of steel structure workshop
The steel structure materials is the main factor influencing the cost of steel structure workshop. The materials of shape steel and the thickness of steel influence the price to some degree. 
2. design factor
The reasonable design is the main solution of saving the raw materials and controlling the cost of steel structure workshop. The different designing schemes are the main reasons which influence the volume of raw materials, directly influencing the cost of the steel structure workshop. 
base design: The base cost is influenced by local geology. The geological memoir should be considered to choose the reasonable foundation type. 
girder design: The plane truss could be chosen to replace the rectangular beam, which could reduce the weight and the cost. Besides, it could be developed into space truss, which increases the use ratio of materials. 
column grid design: The overall arrangement column grid could confirm the span and interval of stand column. If the technological requirements allow, we should choose the portal frame with small span. In this way, it is economical. 
3. construction and installation
The construction period is the main factor influencing the cost of steel structure workshop. The smooth installation technology determines the length of construction period. 

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