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The first prefabricated construction project in Xiong an New District

In January 2018, the first prefabricated construction project in Xiong'an New District - the Xiong' Service Center was completed. It took only 1,000 hours from commencement to full capping.
It is said that 90% buildings in Xiong'an New District will be the modular construction in the future. The CCTV documentary “Innovative China” in February 2018 portrayed a bright future for prefabricated buildings: “Prefabricated buildings will save 12% of the world’s resources in the future.”
Han Xuexi, project manager of the housing company, introduced that by the means of manufacturing, each part of the house is strictly produced on the assembly line as required, that results in less than three percent of the material loss rate. On the construction site, the demand for water and electricity is also greatly reduced, a building can be built up by only several electric drills and welding machines.
It is planned that 30% of the new buildings in China in the next 10 years will be constructed in the assembly method, which will save 12% of the world's resources.
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