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Steel structure workshop system is gradually formed

With the development of China's construction industry, large-scale construction has started in many places currently. Among various construction modes, the steel structure workshop has formed a complete system. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the guiding to vigorously promote the steel structure workshops and to make them the enterprise projects, supporting the steel structure workshop for enterprises of all-sizes. 
In recent years, with the development of urban construction and the increase of high-rise buildings, steel structure workshops, as a green and environmental protection building, have been listed as a key promotion project by enterprises and the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. Especially in large and medium-sized domestic cities, there are a large population with relatively little land resources, however people have higher and higher requirements for building density and environmental green space. Applying steel structure workshops in larger areas is the essential product of the productivity development in our country.
In addition, the development condition of steel structures is an important indicator of the economic development level in a country or region. The steel structure workshop industry started late in China, but the market has great potential and large growth space. From the perspective of the steel construction industry development in China, the quantity of steel structure constructions is steadily rising. With the acceleration of urbanization in China, the prospects of steel structure workshop are promising.
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