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Steel frame construction makes buildings more environmentally friendly

The construction industry has always been the large consumer of energy, materials, water and other resources. In recent years, due to its own high seismic resistance, lighter weight, easy installation, short construction period, rapid investment recovery and recyclability, and its novelty and dexterity, the steel structure has become more and more widely used in the construction industry.  
According to statistics from the State Department, in 2017, China generated 2.5 billion tons of construction waste, of which only a few million tons were reprocessed and the recycling rate was less than 2%. In response to the State’s initiative to advocate a conservation-minded society and sustainable development, in addition to the harmless treatment of construction waste, the reuse of construction waste resources also need to be implemented, otherwise our country will become a construction waste kingdom.
In order to make construction more environmentally friendly, we must adopt recycled building materials. With the engineering model of steel frame construction, more than 90% construction can be recycled and reused after demolition and relocation, which can effectively resolve the predicament of construction waste in China. This is targeted green building projects, and steel structure engineering has gradually become a major trend in the construction industry.
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