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Promote the modernization of the building industry and create a new point of green building

“Building houses like building blocks” is not a gimmick created for attention, but an vivid description of the ongoing architecture industrialization in China’s construction industry.
In recent years, building industrialization has become a hot topic. Recently, Chongqing City has made it clear to take the steel construction company as a platform and promote the application of steel structures. This released a positive signal in the modernization of the construction industry and shows that the building industrialization has been highly valued in the city and is considered as the development direction in the future.
Modernization of the construction industry refers to completing the construction by modern industrialized production methods instead of cast-in-situ operations. Through standardized design, industrialized production, prefabricated construction, integrated decoration, and information management, it can improve project quality, promote green construction, realize energy-saving and emission-reduction and improve the living environment, which is an inevitable trend in the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.
The advantages of building industrialization are remarkable. Compared with traditional construction methods, building industrialization has obvious advantage of “five saving and one environmental protection”, that is 20% of materials saving, 70% energy consumption reduction, 80% water saving, 20% building area saving and 80% of construction period saving. The most important thing is availability in environment protection. Compared with the traditional construction method, the on-site fabricated construction can greatly reduce construction waste, sewage, noise, and harmful gases and dust.
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