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Modular house in Xiong’an

On February 4th, the first set of building modular was hoisted for the construction of modular houses which will be used as office area for the enterprises of Xiong'an Service Center, marking the acceleration of enterprises’ settlement.
With the features of being detachable and recyclable, modular constructions not only meet people’s residential, office and commercial needs in the pre-construction phase, but can also be removed with the improvement of the municipal planning. In addition, modular constructions can effectively avoid the social problems caused by the relocation of concrete buildings and the wasting of resources caused by non-recycled inner decoration space after being dismantled in the traditional steel structure building.
Supported by the fully-assembled and integrated construction technology, the container modules are manufactured in factory, even the interior decoration are simultaneously accomplished. The construction can be completed after simple installation in site. Container modules are easy to transport and flexible to combine, they can also avoid wet work and reduce the restrictions on construction season.
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