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Is prefabricated building specious

In recent years, the state has been intentionally guiding the reform and upgrading of the construction industry by promoting prefabricated buildings. Under the state encouragements, local governments also respond positively and issued a series of economic policies to accelerate the development of prefabricated buildings. Among them, the container building is most popular in the construction industry.
Prefabricated buildings have not only beautiful looking but also good performances, as shown below:
1. Farewell to the stereotyped hardcover room
With the assembly process, all the design and placement of material, door panels, colors, storage series except the house pattern can be changed as per personal preference ~
2. Factory- assembled storage system
The factory- assembled storage system in prefabricated buildings adopts adjustable fittings which is extremely easy to disassemble and adjust. According to the articles the owner need to store, the distance between the plates and the shelves can be adjusted, and the operation is convenient. It will solve the stacked messy due to the fixed storage position.
3. Photovoltaic power generation, environment-friendly
In Europe and America, home photovoltaic power stations have long been common household appliances for ordinary families. Home photovoltaic power station not only can produce clean energy, but also make the building more beautiful by the unique house roof, achieving the dual effects of wonderful coordination between photovoltaic power plant and building, power generation and good-looking coexisting, which fully satisfy the modern architecture in beautiful, safe, practical, environmentally friendly and energy-saving requirements.
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