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Industrialized housing will grow by leaps and bounds in China

In recent years, the ideas of low-carbon, green, ecological and environmental protection have a great impact on real estate industry. Secondly, the 12th Five-Year Plan of our country proposes that our country should promote economic restructuring. Thirdly, the national programming of 10 million square meters guarantees housing construction every year provides large space for housing industrialization. Fourthly, the manpower cost in our country has risen rapidly in the past two years and it is said that the cost has doubled at some places. This is directly related to our residential property, namely prefabricated house construction.
The above aspects provided a strong impetus to the development of real estate. In the past few years, our country's housing industrialization has undergone great changes and had inflection points in terms of policies, technologies and markets. From this perspective, we think a large development will be possible in the coming years. 
In our country, industrialized housing (modular construction) has stepped into a fast development period, I think it is most likely to realize the industrialization of housing in the next year. We can look forward to the rapid development of housing industry in the future.
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