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Half a year to build a house ? Light steel houses break your idea of that mold!

The houses in the urban area are mainly high-rise commercial buildings. Not only the buildings distance and floor height make depression feeling to people, but none decoration of cold steel concrete can express a simple warm feeling.
Undoubtedly, the houses in the countryside are much better than those in the city. It always has a large surrounding garden. Light will never be blocked by the front building in the living room and there will be no depressing ceiling. However, building such a small villa with reinforced concrete in the countryside requires a lot of time and thought.
A product with certain shortcomings will be replaced naturally. Light steel structure house is such a replacement, which is gradually in the popularization – this is a new environmentally-friendly house requires no brick or tile and a short construction period.
Light steel houses are classified as prefabricated construction, meaning that the components of the house can be pre-assembled, the house structure, external wall enclosure, insulation, windows, etc. can be prepared by the manufacturer in advance. In addition, dry construction method is mainly adopted during the entire construction process. Inner decoration can be implemented immediately, which can save lots of waiting time. The construction technology of the light steel structure is relatively simple, with less construction workers requirement, thus saving labor costs. Comparing to the traditional reinforced concrete construction, a light steel structure house just needs 1/6 construction period and 1/3 cost for the whole process from designing to the accomplishment.
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