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Good mechanism to promote the development of steel structure industry

The construction quality of housing and municipal engineering is related to every household. This year, agencies will be set up throughout the country. Their job is to supervise the quality and safety of new houses and municipal projects in various provinces and cities.
The quality supervision agency shall be under the responsibility of the dwelling department and shall be responsible for supervising the quality of project, the safety of the project structure and the check and acceptance of the completion of the project in the area; if there is a safety accident, it shall organize or participate in the investigation and treatment; in the meantime, it shall conduct punishment for the violation of construction quality management laws and regulations and project construction compulsory standards.
In order to ensure the supervision of the supervisory agency, the construction engineering quality and safety supervision station of the province is responsible for conducting an assessment every three years on the supervisory agency and supervisory personnel. Only the supervisory agencies and supervisors passing the examination can implement and bear the corresponding responsibility for the quality supervision of the projects.
The implementation of this policy can ensure project safety and project quality, and standardize the operation in the construction and steel construction industry, which will have good effect on the industry development.
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