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Fabricated building is changing the competition pattern of the housing enterprise

In recent years, the government promotion of fabricated buildings has attracted the attention of many mobile home manufacturers. Fabricated building can speed up the turnover mode in the means of industrialization, thus improving project quality and customer satisfaction, and help mobile home manufacturers to take the initiative in the future competition.
The dust, the concrete, and the dirt on the floor are all the impressions of traditional construction sites. The use of prefabricated buildings not only improves construction speed and product quality, but also provides a clean and tidy construction site for construction workers to obtain a better working environment. This is the change that assembly-type construction brings to the construction industry.
Today, an "arms race" in the industrialization of construction is being staged in the real estate industry. As early as 2003, Vanke established Vanke Factory Center and was the first to promote mobile homes in the country. After Vanke, well-known housing companies such as Country Garden, Greenland and Poly Real Estate all entered the field of mobile housing one after another, hoping to gain a favorable position in the fierce industry scale competition, as well as to share the huge market cake of prefabricated buildings.
It is not only the huge market size and profit that attracts housing enterprises to enter the prefabricated building filed, the state keeps intensify its emphasis on prefabricated buildings. Thereby the prefabricated building and housing industrialization may become the ticket for housing enterprises to enter the real estate market. The trend of industrial development and change has been clear and inevitable, so the mobile home manufacturers must actively embrace change, innovate and develop theirselves in the course of change, and seek and seize opportunities.
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