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Expert talks about the development of container construction

“In the case of tight housing supply or severe restrictions on purchasers, the development of 'container houses' may be an effective way to solve the housing difficulties of low-income people in the future.”said Xie Yifeng, a well-known real estate marketing planner. He said that although it is currently impossible for China to implement the “container housing” policy in the short term,  at least it can be piloted and appropriately released in some cities or individual cities, and this type of modular construction can be implemented and promoted in the nation wide under the mature condition.
He believes that the "container house" can meet some market demands due to its low cost, and  can decrease people's anger on the society because of high housing prices; container house can also solve the living problems for people who cannot afford the house caused by high prices or low income, and some migrate population floating in the urban fringe area. Finally, to a certain extent, it can bring down the house prices rising too quickly. In his view, "The government should seriously consider this big issue that affects people's livelihood."
Currently, in China, container recycling is still in initial stage, and the construction of container houses is a new industry. The entire society knows little about it and pays insufficient attention to it. There is no corresponding policy support in terms of construction land and planning approval. In this regard, the government should expand publicity to increase social recognition, make construction of container houses into a unified plan for housing construction and formulate preferential policies to promote the rapid development of container house.
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