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Container houses will be the growing trend in China

Along with the acceleration of reform and opening up, China's economy has witnessed rapid development. During this period, large-scale urban construction has become the major trend. Not only permanent and fixed buildings, but temporary constructions flourished. The container house was one of such temporary constructions.
The container house, produced by Hualong Company in Yingkou, is suitable for the operation in long-term field or in open-air environment. Its construction takes less time and labor than permanent buildings.
This container house can also be used in the disaster or emergency situation, with no requirement of construction or testing and with a higher degree of security than other temporary housing. Times are evolving, people's working conditions are also constantly improving, safety issues have caused more attention of the government. The relevant departments have put forward higher requirements to the container houses, which enhance a big improvement of this temporary housing in both applicable conditions and living conditions.
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