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Container building – the highlight at China – Eurasia Expo

At the fifth China- Eurasia Expo, container building entered the public field of vision, thus opening a new time of "private customization" of houses. "This kind of build use no brick or cement, but can be stable and durable, it can be moved or dismantled at any time and stacked in multi-layer, also can be reused." Container house is a modern temporary structure with not only highly creativity and poetry but also environment protection. Multiple modular combinations bring out stylish beauty. It takes low cost and short time to build up a container house according to personal preference, so it is easily customized.
In the exhibition hall, we saw a modified container bar which attracts the guests and visitors at home and abroad by its fashionable and beautiful appearance.
Up to now, our company has received more than 100 orders for various container houses from Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao and so on.
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