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Advantages of steel construction

In many people's impression, most of the workshop are made in brick-and-concrete structure, however, steel structure workshops have been popular since they are emerging and have been widely adopted.
Steel structure workshop has following advantages:
1. steel can be recycled, so it produces less environmental pollution during the construction and demolishment. These advantages are the value of steel construction houses.
2. light weight and high strength, comparing with the reinforced concrete buildings, steel structure houses have only a half weight and provide more usable area by 4%, which meets the needs of larger spacing.
3. the components of the steel structure are made in the factory, which can reduce on-site workload and shorten construction period, so the steel structure houses agree with industrialization requirements, they can save resources and reduce unnecessary pollution.
4. steel structure has advantages of safety and reliability, good seismic performance, good wind-resistant performance and high load capacity, it can withstand quakes of magnitude eight and will not be damaged in the earthquake.
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