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H/C/Z Shape Steel

Item No.: P0009
H-shape steel, C-shape steel, Z-shape Steel have been applied in the  steel construction field. The accuracy of them is standard.
H-shape Steel

1. High strength structure. It has larger modulus of section in comparison with joist steel, and under the same load-bearing conditions, H-shape steel can save 10%-15% of metal.
2. Flexible and various designs. Bay of steel structure is 50% larger than concrete structure under the same height of beam so that the construction layout will be more flexible.
3. The structure has light self-weight. The self-weight of steel structure is lighter than that of concrete structure. The small self-weight of steel structure reduces the internal force of structure design, making construction reach the low requirements of dealing structure foundation and advantages of convenient construction and low cost.
4. Steel structure mainly consisting of hot rolling H-shape steel has features of scientific structure, good plasticity and flexibility, high stability, which makes it applied to the construction structures that need to sustain strong shock and large impact load. It also has strong anti-disaster capability, especially applicable to buildings on the seismic belt. According to the statistics, buildings with steel structure, which mainly consists of H-shape steel, suffer the minimal damage during earthquakes over 7-magnitude.
5. Enlarging valid usable areas of structure. The cross section area of steel structure column is smaller than that of concrete structure column so that it could enlarge valid usable area of building. According to the different building types, it could enlarge 4%-6% of valid usable area.
6. Compared to welding H-shape steel, it can reduce consumption of raw materials, power source and labor with features of low residual stress, high quality and good external appearance.
7. It is convenient for machine work, structural connection, installation and easy to disassembly and reuse.

C-shape Steel

C-shape steel is through cold-formed process by hot rolled coiled sheet. It has thin wall, light self-weight, good cross section performance, high strength and other advantages. Compared to other traditional U-steels, it could save 30% of materials under the same strength.
Sphere of application: C-shape steel is widely used for steel structural buildings' purlines and wall beams, or could be freely assembled into construction components such as light type roof truss, bracket, and etc. In addition, it can be used as column, beam, arm in the light manufacturing.

Z-shape Steel

Z-shape steel is a common cold-formed thin shape steel with general thickness of 1.6mm-3.0mm, cross section height of 120mm-350mm. And it is processed by materials of hot roll(spray painting) and galvanization. Process criterion shall be implemented according to GB50018-2002. Z-shape steel is usually used in the large-size steel structural factory building. Length and holes are manufactured according to processing requirements.
Supporting products: colored steel tile, rock wool laminboard, floor support board, and etc.

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