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Item No.: P0015
The shipping container homes for sale designed by HL have many good performances such as fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, environmental protection.

Product Superiority:


►Mobile, anti-seismic, fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, environmental protection


Overall Movement

The product achieves quick transportation, easy lifting, cheap construction cost, repeated usage and the secondary cost reduction.

Wind Resistance and Anti-seismic
The skeleton of the product is made from steel structure. The weight of the product is light and about 40% of the traditional brick structure. The product can reduce basic cost by a large margin and especially suitable for the area where geological condition is poor. The product which is suitable for earthquake-prone regions has small seismic response. The main connection parts of this product are made from different anti-seismic fittings which improve anti-seismic performance of the house greatly. The mobile house can meet all the requirements of the anti-seismic fortification.
Anti-seismic Performance: Meet the requirements of 9 degrees seismic intensity fortification requirements
Wind-resistant Performance: Can resist level 12 typhoon
Roof Snow Bearing: Can reach 1000mm

Fireproof Performance
The mobile house meets the fire resistance requirements and the fire resistance standard is higher than housing secondary fire resistance rating requirements in the “Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings” GB50016-2006. Experiment shows that the wallboard which is burned severely 120 minutes don’t lose integrity and the heat insulation property is not broken.
Civil Building Energy Efficiency Design Specification GB50176-93
Civil Building Energy Efficiency Design Standard (Heating Housing Construction Part) JGJ26-95
Hot Summer and Cold Winter Area Residential Building Energy Efficiency Design Standard JGJ134-2010

Heat Insulation
The mobile house which uses advanced ways of whole internal and external heat preservation meets the latest building energy efficiency indicators. The product will not appear hot and cold bridge phenomenon. The advanced heat preservation ways can keep the mobile house far away from wet deformation, mildew and rust.
Thermal index standards of each maintenance part are as follows:
Heat transfer coefficient of exterior wall: 0.40W/(㎡*k)
Heat transfer coefficient of roof: 0.40 W/(㎡*k)
Heat transfer coefficient of foundation: 0.25 W/(㎡*k)
Heat transfer coefficient of external window: 1.12~1.50 W/(㎡*k)
Heat transfer coefficient of entrance door: 1.35 W/(㎡*k)
 In addition, it can be ensured that the construction heat consumption is less than or equal to 9.25 W / ㎡ so that meet the requirements of energy efficiency through combining with specific model building heat consumption calculation.

Sound Insulation and Damping
The mobile house which uses perfect sound insulation and damping technology satisfies the national building sound insulation standards. The professional strengthening processing is used especially within 250-1000Hz audio of the human ear where is the most sensitive in order to create a quiet and comfortable living environment.
Periphery and Interlayer: Weighting transmission loss is more than 50dB which meets the secondary standard of the national “Civil Building Sound Insulation Design Specification” GBJ118-88.
Floor: Weighting standardization impact sound pressure is less than 72dB which meets the primary standard of the national “Civil Building Sound Insulation Design Specification” GBJ118-88.

Low-carbon Environment
  1. The mobile house uses lightweight wall plate which can reduce the heat load of heating, air conditioning. The plate which is low-carbon and energy-saving can satisfy the national standard JG/T169-2005.
  2. The mobile house uses water paint without the emission of benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and so on.
  3. The most of construction materials adopt degradable materials which can resolve in nature and ease the environmental burden.
  4. There is no construction garbage or carbon emission.
The mobile house also has the following advantages in addition to the six core strengths:
Construction Period: “Site construction assembly” turns into “manufacturing in the workshop”. The construction period is short. The mobile is available for occupancy after hoisting to site and connecting water and electricity.
Safety: The structure of the mobile house has wind resistance, anti-seismic, deform resistance and fire prevention. The mobile house which has strong weight capacity can be used with multiple superpositions together.
Durability: The steel plate of the mobile house has corrosion resistance, acid resistance, no rust and no cracking. The service life period is more than 50 years.
Aesthetics: The mobile house can be designed to all sorts of model. The external wall can be painted in different color and the appearance of mobile house is concise, fresh, bright and beautiful.
Waterproof: The mobile house uses strict manufacturing process so that the sealing function is perfect.

The shipping container homes for sale have been popular among many users in China. If you have any interest, please be free to contact us.

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