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Angle Color Steel Tile

Item No.: P0024
The color steel tile adopts color coated sheet, which is through rolling and cold bending to form contour plates with various waves. It is applied for the industrial and civil building, storage, roofing and wall space of steel structure building.
Three angle color steel tile has features of light weight, high strength, convenient construction, anti-knock performance, fire protection, rain-proof performance, long service life, maintenance free and etc. It is widely used by many users home and abroad.

The features of 840-Type Color Steel Tile are as follows:
1. light weight
2. low heat conductivity coefficient
3. high strength: It has bending and crushing resistance. It could be used as the building enclosure bearing the weight of the building.
4. Various colors: There is no need for surface decoration. The erosion resistant coating of color coated galvanized steel sheet could be effective for 10 to 15 years.
5. Flexible installation: The construction period could be reduced by over 40%.
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